Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are devices inserted into your footwear used to control abnormal foot function. When the foot is not functioning correctly, painful areas result. Pain can be in the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and/or the low back. A custom orthotic device can relieve that pain by offering support to the ligaments and the bone structures of the feet providing support all the way up the kinetic chain. Keyes To Health Custom Orthotics (inserts, shoes and sandals) can be constructed specifically to correct foot mechanics. Keyes To Health Custom Orthotics can relieve arch and heel pain while properly aligning the body from the feet up. At Keyes To Health's Pickering, ON clinic, we offer the State of the art precision custom-made orthotic medical appliances for maximum support and function. 

How are Custom Orthotics different from store-bought insoles?

Most store-bought gel and fabric insoles may provide some padding, but do not address the underlying mechanical imbalances and support structures of your feet. Your foot is unique, and pre-fabricated devices are not customised to your foot. At Keyes To Health, your walking pattern, called your gait, is analysed using a computerised digital scanning system and that information, combined with a detailed health history and physical examination of your feet is used to design a customized orthotic appliance. The orthotic appliances are milled to your exact specifications at an orthotic lab located in Ontario. 

What conditions can Custom Orthotics help?

Custom Orthotics are most helpful with foot and foot-related conditions. If you have bunions, flat or pronated feet, knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain or low back pain you may benefit from custom orthotics. We also have spealcial orthotics for arthritic and diabetic patients. Custom orthotics can be helpful for getting active. Many people who avoid otherwise healthy activity because of pain may find that they can exercise again once they have custom orthotics. Young and the young at heart may rediscover the renewed energy that comes with walking and exercise once they are fitted with custom orthotics. 

What type of footwear can I wear with Custom Orthotics? 

Custom Orthotics are compatible with almost all footwear types. There are orthotics for casual, work or sports shoes, safety boots, fancy dress shoes, runner's shoes, court shoes, golf shoes, as well as specially designed orthotics for ski and snowboard boots, and hockey and figure skates. 

How long will my Custom Orthotics last? 

Your Custom Orthotics from Keyes To Health should last at least one year, perhaps up to 2 or 3 years depending on use. Extreme athletes will wear their orthotics harder than casual walkers and likely require more frequent replacements.Your feet may change over time and this too will necessitate an update. 

Is there a warranty on my custom orthotics from Keyes To Health? 

Absolutely! We want your Custom Orthotics to work for you. If they are not comfortable we will modify and/or refit them within the 90 day period after they have been dispensed to you. There is also a no charge follow up at the end of the two weeks period after the orthotics have been dispensed.

Do group benefit plans cover the cost of my Custom Orthotics? 

Yes they do, although each plan has different amounts and rules and regulations. Please contact your insurance provider to determine your coverage. The Keyes To Health Clinic has a list of specific questions to ask your insurance provider. Please contact the clinic for this list. To ease reimbursement, upon payment, Keyes To Health will provide you with a copy of the examination findings, the computerised Gait Scan report, the diagnosis, a detailed statement outlining the type and number of custom orthotics and of course the cost amount. Some plans require a third party prescription which you may need to obtain from your family doctor.

How do I make an appointment at Keyes to Health? 

Please go to the request an appointment button at the bottom of the main page of this website or go to the contact us list tab on the top of the page! We look forward to working with you.


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