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pYou want to lose weight and improve your well being, but your are not sure what to do! There are so many diets and fads, retail weight-loss outlets, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what the best apporach is to lose weight. And losing weight is only half the battle. Keeping it off and staying healthy is the other half. How does one decide on the appraoch that works best for oneself? At Keyes To Health, you will experience evidence-based professional weight loss management through expert nutritional counselling. Our nutritionist, Eva Chmielowska, will custom design a programme to meet your needs and goals.

Nutritional Counsellor or Hollistic Nutritionist has a tremendous amount of knowledge about the foods we eat. Many disease processes can be corrected simply by changing what we ingest. Information about your current eating habits will be essential. With this information the nutritionist will help you make modifications at a pace that will be easy for you to integrate into your life. This way, the changes you make will become a new way of living, rather than a fad diet, which simply fades over time leaving you right back where you started, or even worse


The benefits of eating proper food that is supports your life, is enormous. Heart disease, stroke and cancer all have relationships with poor eating habits. When you improve the food you eat on a daily basis, you increase your chances of avoiding these debilitating and often killer diseases. 

You will also experience a tremendous improvement in the quality of your everyday life. Many people experience having more energy and they become fatigued much less, sleep more soundly, and wake up much more refreshed and rested.

What can I expect at the first visit for Nutritional Counselling?

At your first visit with our Nutritional Practitioner, Eva Chmielowska , you will spend an hour discussing your health, your current eating patterns and your personal health related goals and objectives. This is Clinical Nutritional Counselling, not a retail weight-loss store. Here you will receive expert nutritional advice and specific guidelines and protocols to reduce your weight and optimize your state of health. It is much more than weight-loss.

How can Nutritional Counselling help me?


Many people trying to eat in a more healthy way often know what they need to do. The problem is, how to do it! When the information gathered in the first session has been analysed, Eva will provide you with an easy to implement Nutritional Plan to acheive your goals. This inclues a nutritbody analysis in both graph and written form, a personalized meal plan, easy to prepare recipes, a grocery list, a supplement programme, lifestyle reccomendations and much more. With the professional nutritional guidance at Keyes To Health, the transition to a healthier life becomes much easier.

How will my progress be followed?

Your progess will be followed according to a customized plan in keeping with your needs. 


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