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Welcome to the new Keyes To Health Blog. We will be periodically publishing blog posts on a variety of subjects relating to health and wellness.

Today's post is about achy tired legs. Recently, I saw a young-ish male who was experiencing swelling around the ankles by the end of the day. He told me that his legs were tired and heavy feeling after being on his feet all day at work. He also had a few vericose veins. All up, his legs felt too tired to even consider going to the gym to work-out. After ruling out any medical conditions, we fiitted him with a pair of gradient compression stockings for wearing during the day, (and I must say they are not old lady stockings, these are quite athletic) and a cool-looking athletic leg sleeve to wear while at the gym.   

We have an excellent selection of medically rated compression stockings. What this means is that your health benefits will pay for them if prescribed by your family doc. They come in all sizes and styles, from knee high to full hose, designed for all ages and genders. In fact the casual observer would have no idea from looking at them that they are therapeutic. There are stylish formal and business stockings, athletic performance stockings, outdoor work and hiking stockings and pregnancy stockings. 

So how do you know if you need them?  Your legs/ankles swell when standing, you have vericose veins, you have been diagnosed with venous insufficiencyor lymohedema,  your legs feel heavy,  you are a frequent flyer and want to prevent DVT's, you are pregnant and selling-up, or your doc has advised you to wear them.

For more information, please schedule your appointment and we will be happy to assist you.

Dr. Warren J. Keyes  

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